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Mālama Baby is owned by Carie Anderson, mother of three. The company started because when her first child was an infant, she found breastfeeding to be so uncomfortable due to his hot, sweaty head and the humidity of Hawai'i. It's funny to say, but it was definitely true. She remembers looking online for something she could wear on her arm to pad that area between the baby's head and her arm. Since she couldn't find anything, she decided to make her own product. After 1 year of learning how to sew better and creating a design that she was happy with, she came up with the "Snuzi", and even patented the design. It wasn't long before she started making other practical and unique baby products. Some of these products include the: Diaper & Wipes Clutch, Stroller Keiki Caddy, Shopping Cart Cover, Nursing Apron, Changing Pad, Minky Baby Blanket, Damp Bag, Pacifier Clip, Cup/Toy Leash, and Minky Security Blanket. Her goal is to continue to create new
baby products that help to make parents' lives easier and babies more comfortable. That is after all, her company's tagline. And of course everything is Made in Hawai'i